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We love to see you do what you love to do, and leave us to do what we do best.

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  • Helping you get on your domain name
  • Helping you choose your website platform
  • Or even help you set up your emails

Helping Hand

Our helping hand training and support for one man or one woman businesses
Our helping hand – micro business owners over 70 get a free one page website from Amby and one update every month at no cost

Amby+ Digital

You are a business who needs an online shop. You need your online shop and products to be updated.

You need your products images and content to be updated regularly. Your shop our care.

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/Brand Magic
/Go Care
/Helping Hand

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That’s your all in one website and marketing package.
Get the speed ! We deliver your website changes within 24 hours, sometimes we are faster than prime so try us.

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Our aim is to see your idea to evolve and become a success.

/We value your ideas
/We value your ambition
/We value your opinion
/We understand your mission
/We will strive and thrive with you

We can help you make your dream a reality.

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Brand Magic

We take pride in promoting your business on your behalf and we ensure you drive value through our campaigns in the form of sales, new users, brand awareness or simply a call for your products and services from a potential customer.